Category: Long Distance

Happy Birthday Video

Request videos from family and friends asking them to wish your partner a happy birthday. Compile it and give it

Family and Friends Video

Email a bunch of family and friends requesting them to record an uplifting message, write out and photograph a sentence,

Lip Sync Video

Find a song that you are familiar with enough to lip sync to and be your goofy self and over

Love Song Prank Video

Grab out the camera and try some filming and editing. Build up the video and excitement for the music that

Love Story Video

Tell the story of how you guys met by recording the monumental locations in your relationship. Compile them and present

Music Video

Time to bring out the camera again. Go around town with a friend, maybe some costumes and pick a song

Photo Shoot

Take lots of pictures of each other in fun poses or hire someone to take some of you guys together.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a list together of things you find aesthetically pleasing and then set out to find them together as you