Category: Long Distance

Make a Collage

Find or print a bunch of photos out of both of you together and glue them on a large sheet

Make a Card

Grab out the construction paper and markers and draw them up a card. Throw a funny pun on the front

Love Letter

Having a physical love letter in hand is very sentimental and valuable to the person it is written for. If

Framed Slide Show

Go through your photos and find your favorites and save them to an SD card. Put the card in a


Spend some time and make them a drawing, regardless of your skill level, it is the idea behind it and

Digital Art

If you already know how to make digital graphics, this one is right up your alley. Maybe put a love

Dedicate a Song

This one can be done a couple of different ways. You can find a song online and play it for

Daily Love Notes

Write them daily love notes when you are apart and send them a selfie of you holding it. You can


There are tons of free crossword generators available online. Think of inside jokes, places you’ve gone on a date, other

Coupon Book

What are some things that they have been wanting you to do but haven’t yet? Put them in a coupon