Category: Games

Valentine’s Day Party

Like being a party planner? Well time to be a kid again. Invite your friends/family to bring a shoe box

Halloween Party

Parties are a great excuse to get out of the house, but its even better when you get to dress

White Elephant Party

White Elephant, Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa, is a party game that is sure to bring some great laughs.

Ugly Sweater Party

This kind of party is a blast! First go to your local apparel department or a thrift store and find

Water Balloon Fight

Pick up some water balloons from the store and fill up a couple buckets full on a hot day and

Fly Kite

If you are near a windy area such as the beach, it’s a good time to pull out the kites.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a list together of things you find aesthetically pleasing and then set out to find them together as you

Prior Date Scavenger Hunt

Have a list of places you have gone on a date together that are close in proximity? Would you like