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Mini Golf

Like putting things in holes? Putt putt is a fun activity that is great for any skill level. Challenge each

Make a Board Game

This requires a little bit more creativity and time, but will be well worth the effort. Grab out a large

Light Saber Battle

Pick up a couple light sabers in the toy department and find your battle ring. See how many times you


Stands for Live Action Role Playing, and this video explains in more detail of what it is. Essentially, it is

Graffiti Hunt

Cities are the best for this adventure. Take a closer look at the buildings around you and look for graffiti.


Try out this modern day treasure hunting that takes place just about everywhere. Look at maps, use the hints and

Game Night

What’s your favorite card game? Board game? Video game? Pull it out and let the friendly competition begin.

Frisbee Golf

Look up where the closest frisbee golf course is and head on down with your special discs.


Head out to the park and bring the frisbee. Toss it back and forth or find a friend or two

Food Fight

Grab some paper plates, some whipped cream and time to pie each other in the face. Get creative and find