Category: Cheap Date Ideas

Waterfall Hunt

There are tons of rivers that have waterfalls to seek out. A quick search online will help direct you to

Unique Towns

All over you can find towns that have their own authentic appeal. It can range from cultural towns such as


This one works best if you already have a trampoline, but maybe you can borrow a friend’s. At night after

Throwback Date

Did you do something super romantic one time together? Several things? Make a scavenger hunt date night that walks you


This one is simple and super fun. Go to the local thrift store and be a goof. Play dress up.


Set up a tent in the living room and cover it in Christmas lights. Don’t forget to put super comfy


Now we are talking. Stripteases are a good way to get the blood flowing. Here is a video of some


Can you write lyrics? Sing? Make them a song that speaks to them on a heartwarming personal level. Can’t do

Signed Cards

How social are you? I have gone out on holidays downtown and carried a deck of cards and a sharpie

Sidewalk Chalk

Go pick up some sidewalk chalk at the local store and go out at night and draw outlines of shadows