Category: Cheap Date Ideas

Photo Shoot

Take lots of pictures of each other in fun poses or hire someone to take some of you guys together.


Is it hot? Like to swim? Find a swimming pool, lake or ocean to go play in. Splash around, play

Build Wood Structures on Beach

Are there a lot of down branches around? Logs? Work as a team to collect a bunch and see if

Nude Beach

There are several states that offer in remote locations the chance to wear nothing but your birthday suit. Although it

Collect Beach Glass

Bring a container to collect beach glass along a waterfront. It will be a fun scavenger hunt for the both

Bonfire at the Beach

Bring a blanket, some paper, matches and head to the beach. Here you can gather beach wood and put together

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a list together of things you find aesthetically pleasing and then set out to find them together as you

Prior Date Scavenger Hunt

Have a list of places you have gone on a date together that are close in proximity? Would you like