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Why hello there, my name is Faye (Sarah) Doney and I am the creator of The Romance Playbook. I am going to share some really personal stuff with you in order for you to gain a better understanding of just who I am.

In January of 2017 there was a gang related shooting at a bar I was at and it truly opened up my eyes to more than I thought possible. After several panic attacks I asked myself, “Am I happy?”

The answer was a hard, “No.”

During the next few years I dived into every YouTube video and Audible book I possibly could in order to grow myself and find true happiness. I re-framed my entire life after that.

I quit my job and became a paid cuddle buddy. Yes, that is a real thing and one of the most heart warming jobs I have ever had. I ended up moving into a better living situation, I adjusted my connections with people and removed the toxic negativity in my life.

Several years prior I had gone to college for psychology and sociology, and now I have done additional extensive research on the way people think and act in relationships through books, personal connections and the internet. I would now like to call myself a life and relationship enthusiast.

I also decided to come out about the details of my personal life, to be transparent to those around me. It was definitely not easy and I lost a good number of “friends” in the process. I see my honesty as a sign of respect towards you, as everyone deserves.

So here it is, I am bisexual, polyamorous and an atheist. I am also a victim of sexual abuse, which unfortunately, way too many people are too scared to admit out loud. But…

I am finally free to be me.

Since coming out with my story, I have been able to really help a lot of people who have suffered tremendous heartaches and traumas of their past or present. This really is a judgment free zone here.

If these facts about me bother you, please at least ask yourself why first. It is my belief that we should all feel safe to be the real versions of ourselves and without condemnation and to just be authentic.

At this time my life is dedicated to my passions which include this website, launching my art career and traveling.

I once thought to myself, man, I really wish my partners would do really cool romantic things for me… and then I realized that I should just do them myself because I am sure that they might be hoping for that too.  Heck, that is one of the reasons why I started this date idea website in the first place. I hope that it will help expand on what kinds of dates and romantic gestures couples can do together or for each other. I also chose to couple it with the Five Love Languages. This way it caters to the individuals in the relationship so that your actions will have the highest value to your partner.

I am very active in the poly community and have had a lot of experience on understanding different dynamics of relationships and how to keep them functioning, as well as educating other individuals on how to improve their own relationships and I hope to do that here with advice and videos I have found.

I am on a road trip across the United States on a road trip for 2+ years and I am excited to really take in this beautiful world we live in and meet the people of this country. I finally have been given breath to move onward and upward. If you want to read my nomadic journal, come check out my Facebook page by clicking HERE.

I genuinely believe I can help so many on this journey. I want to bring happiness to the those I meet, cuddle up to those who need it, and to inspire people to do art that is authentic to them. I have many more lofty goals in the works.

Join me in my quest to make the world a better place for all.

-Sarah Doney

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