Tag: Words of Affirmation

54 Cards of Love

Fill an entire deck of cards with things you love about your partner, memories you are fond of, or any


Can you write lyrics? Sing? Make them a song that speaks to them on a heartwarming personal level. Can’t do


Are you far away from your loved one or going on a road trip? Why not send them a post

Pop Up Book

Tell your love story through a cute little pop-up book. The fact that you put in all this effort will


There are several styles of poem writing, some rhyme, some don’t. Look up strategies to write out a poem and

Dedicate a Song

This one can be done a couple of different ways. You can find a song online and play it for

Daily Love Notes

Write them daily love notes when you are apart and send them a selfie of you holding it. You can

Happy Birthday Video

Request videos from family and friends asking them to wish your partner a happy birthday. Compile it and give it

Family and Friends Video

Email a bunch of family and friends requesting them to record an uplifting message, write out and photograph a sentence,

Lip Sync Video

Find a song that you are familiar with enough to lip sync to and be your goofy self and over