Tag: Physical Touch

Nostalgic Movie

What movies did you and your love watch as a child? Try and narrow it down to one you think


One of the best things to reconnect is to cuddle. Make the bed, light some candles, find a relaxation station


Now we are talking. Stripteases are a good way to get the blood flowing. Here is a video of some


Nothing like getting rubbed down and relaxed. Set up some candles, grab out the lotion or oil and give them

Coupon Book

What are some things that they have been wanting you to do but haven’t yet? Put them in a coupon

Full Body Kisses

Start gently kissing from the forehead, move down to the nose, the chin, the ears, the neck, and keep at

Read Erotica Together

There is a host of erotica to read out there that will get the blood pumping if you know what