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Can you write lyrics? Sing? Make them a song that speaks to them on a heartwarming personal level. Can’t do


Now this is one for the daring! Get pumped and get on that airplane and take a huge leap. The

Scrap Book

Have you held onto any ticket stubs or love letters from your partner? Put it all together in a scrap


Are you far away from your loved one or going on a road trip? Why not send them a post

Pop Up Book

Tell your love story through a cute little pop-up book. The fact that you put in all this effort will


There are several styles of poem writing, some rhyme, some don’t. Look up strategies to write out a poem and


Have you ever played around with pearler beads? Well they are these small little plastic beads that melt together with


There are several options here. You can attend a paint night together where you have an instructor teach you step

Nesting Pots

Find three pots that progressively get smaller and smaller. In each one, fill them in a related theme and put

Mixed CD

Have a bunch of songs that make you think of your partner? Put together a mixed CD like they used