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Garden Together

Nothing is sweeter than going outside and enjoying the fresh air, seeing the greenery and making a connection to the

Nostalgic Movie

What movies did you and your love watch as a child? Try and narrow it down to one you think

Nostalgic Candy

Have your partner get talking about all the different things they used to eat as a kid that they don’t

Hockey Game

Enjoy watching people on ice passing a puck back and forth with the occasional fight thrown in? Hockey is the

Basketball Game

Time to check out the basketball scene. Bet on what team you think will win and by how much. You

Art Museum

History is fascinating. While at art museums you will be able to submerge yourself into other cultures throughout the ages

Amusement Park

Nothing is more fun than going on a bazillion rides together. Go and be a kid again together and dare


Find an arcade in your area and compete against each other in multiplayer games like racing or first person shooters.

54 Cards of Love

Fill an entire deck of cards with things you love about your partner, memories you are fond of, or any

Themed Gift Basket

What is your partner most passionate about? Movies, music, art, games, sports? Make them a gift basket filled with things