Nomadic Cuddler TisDoney’s Pricing

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Not only is there cuddling had, but also other shenanigans. Check out the listings below and click HERE to book when ready.

Hotel Hosting Discount


If You Are Covering For The Hotel Room.

Cuddle Session

$80 per hour

Platonic Dates

Prices vary

Canvas Painting Party


Invite your friends!

Phone/Skype Calls

$1 per minute calls
(20 minute minimum)

Username: NomadicCuddlerTisDoney


$500 for 10 hours*

+2 FREE hours

if dinner is included

*5-6 hours will

be spent sleeping

Couples Snuggle

$140 for 2 hours
$80 per extra hour

Please Note:

A $40 last minute cancellation fee will be required if within 4 hours of scheduled time.

Allergies to cologne is a real thing, thank you for not wearing any

Platonic means consent

Online Payment Method: