Getting Started

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Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

One of the first steps is to actually understand the best way to show someone love.

What does that mean? In general, everyone has one of five primary love languages, a form of love that speaks specifically to them when in a relationship:

Gift Giving
Quality Time
Words of Affirmation
Acts of Service (Devotion)
Physical Touch

Click HERE to watch videos and take a quiz to learn what your partner’s love language is.

This will help you choose the best idea that will mean the most to them. 



Plan it all out by first thinking of memories, likes, goals, humor, and interests your partner has. Write them down.

Scroll through the website by clicking HERE and find what date idea peaks your interest and that you think they would enjoy the most.

Think of resources you have that are already available such as personal possessions, skills, and people at places they have been or want to go.

Are there YouTube videos or other research options you could utilize to expand your skills? You can learn practically anything from the internet these days.

Add your own touch to each idea and substitute things when needed. Sometimes you need to find items or places that better cater to your situation.

Consider also reaching out to your friends, family and acquaintances for additional help. What can you borrow? What input for ideas do they have? Keep track of their contact information just in case.

Start jotting down your plan and even sketch things out if applicable. Keep all your stuff out of site of your partner, but be sure it’s in a place that is easily accessible and all together.

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