Complete List of Cuddle Reviews

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I met TisDoney through another site when my regular cuddle buddy moved out of state. She is very cuddly and fun and likes to tell lots of stories. I’m sure you would enjoy your time with her.


Had a great time very friendly and open. She has definitely helped me was I feeling down. Has quite the stories to tell with her positive energetic vibe. Pick her you won’t regret it.


Hi. We just did a phone conversation that was scheduled for a half hour and we went over a hour. Shows she was a huge joy to talk to. She has fun interesting stories to share. Her laughter is very cute. Looks 23 but wisdom beyond her years.


What a wonderful cuddle! This creative soul is a joy to talk with and instantly makes you feel amazing. Great hugs, great cuddles, soft, warm, and extremely sweet. I would definitely recommend anyone cuddle with her. Amazing experience from beginning to end. Thank you! 😊💛

deleted cuddler

I had a wonderful time with TisDoney. She has an infectious smile and the most beautiful eyes. She’s a great conversationalist and I consider myself very fortunate to know her. Two hours is not enough time with TisDoney. I’ll be sure to block out more time for my next visit.


An absolutely joyful and healing experience!


I enjoyed a wonderful cuddle session with her this afternoon. She gives awesome cuddles, is amazingly kind, funny and sweet. We had a great conversation and she is very open and honest. She puts extra effort in setting up the space to make the experience extra relaxing. I highly recommend cuddling with her. —-


Yay!!! Such amazing snuggles. She is so bubbly and fun. Wonderful time snugging. Hope to see her againone day after her incredible travels she has coming up!!


Thanks for the awesome session, one of the very nice ppl i have come across and keep spreading the same positive vibe all around.


TisDoney is a wonderful and creative cuddler who knows values of touch, connective, and embracing therapy. She is a good listener, communicator, and initiator. She welcomed my request for a short get-together at a nearby cafe before the session to have pleasant introductions and make sure we were comfortable with each other. In her arms, she soothed my heart and gave me acceptance by being accommodating, encouraging, and playful. It was a privilege to share time with TisDoney and I am grateful we met. If you are seeking a therapeutic and encouraging platonic session, I happily recommend TisDoney.


Amazing! Had the best time with her today…didn’t want the session to end!! I hope to see her again before she gets back on the road…


Had a great and enjoyable session with her. She is very open, honest, and passionate about her work. She gives you the attention you want and deserve and is “there” with you for the entire session. I am looking forward to meeting her again.


TisDoney is so warm and friendly! She has got this soothing personality that makes you feel at ease. In just a few moments she made me feel like we knew each other for months. Excellent cuddler! Thank you TisDoney for such a wonderful and comforting experience. I look forward to meeting you again.


If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Honestly the time with TisDoney was nothing short of magical. She is has this ability to make you feel at ease the moment she meets you. I really hope I get to see her again in her many travels.


I had a wonderful time with TisDoney while she was visiting my town. Dont miss her if you have the chance to cuddle.


TisDoney is wonderful cuddler and i had great time with her and if anyone looking for cuddle session please get her as soon as you can when you get chance or you be lucky have cuddle with her.


Thanks for another amazing cuddle session. Wishing you safe travels on your journey of adventure !!


Met up with this wonderful gem of a lady today while she was back in the NW. We have chatted for months now and I am so glad to have met her. She is energetic, life-inspiring, and full of good will and curiosity. She gives wonderful cuddles and was very soothing during our time together — both over lunch and a movie snuggle time after in my home. Looking forward to our future time together — thank you for being you, it’s a wonderful treat.


TisDoney is an amazing person and a wonderful curdler. If you want, she will wrap your mind in beautiful ideas and thoughts about the world and humans. Just ask.


Time with her is not spent. This is an investment to the possibilities of tomorrow, of dreams explored, of imagination traveled to the furthest extent of life and reality. Her expansive personality, and truly grounding presence, were a warm and cozy cocoon in which I could relax away from all cares, and enjoy the expressive curves of her face and loving joy of her eyes.