Category: Photography

Photograph Local Landmarks

Each city tends to have it’s local landmarks that super identifiable. You can either look up your city for ideas

Photograph Litter

If you two are out on a walk, stop and take pictures of the garbage you find on the ground.

Photo Booth

Do you like taking goofy photos? For about $5 or less you can get a strip of photos taken together.

Photo Bingo

This one can be so much fun! In almost any situation you can come up with a list of 25

Graffiti Hunt

Cities are the best for this adventure. Take a closer look at the buildings around you and look for graffiti.

Framed Slide Show

Go through your photos and find your favorites and save them to an SD card. Put the card in a

Find Buildings Decaying

Time to grab out the camera and jump in the car. On this expedition, you will be looking for old

Daily Love Notes

Write them daily love notes when you are apart and send them a selfie of you holding it. You can

Comic Con

Like superheros or other fandoms? Comic Cons are an amazing place to find other people with similar interests, meet actors

Photo Shoot

Take lots of pictures of each other in fun poses or hire someone to take some of you guys together.