Category: Driving

A Penny and a Die

Put a penny and a die in a small clear container that you leave in the car. Heads, you turn

Waterfall Hunt

There are tons of rivers that have waterfalls to seek out. A quick search online will help direct you to

Unique Towns

All over you can find towns that have their own authentic appeal. It can range from cultural towns such as

Photograph Local Landmarks

Each city tends to have it’s local landmarks that super identifiable. You can either look up your city for ideas

Movie Road Trip

Have a favorite movie together? Re-watch the movie and then find out all the filming locations and go to them.

Line of Signs

Time to blow them away with this one. Plan out a route that you know you will be on. Grab

Graffiti Hunt

Cities are the best for this adventure. Take a closer look at the buildings around you and look for graffiti.

Explore Hometown

Share all the memories that flash back when you go and visit your childhood hometown. Show them where you lived,

Find Buildings Decaying

Time to grab out the camera and jump in the car. On this expedition, you will be looking for old

Explore New Roads

Ever wonder what was down the roads you drive by every day? Take a day to explore new roads that