Category: Cheap Date Ideas

Garden Together

Nothing is sweeter than going outside and enjoying the fresh air, seeing the greenery and making a connection to the

Open Mic

This can go one of two ways. If you enjoy listening to people practice their stand up routine, poetry or

Nostalgic Movie

What movies did you and your love watch as a child? Try and narrow it down to one you think

Mario Kart

Insert the game, sit down on the couch and start your engines! This classic game is a blast for all


Find the nearest bar or venue that provides karaoke and chose a song you know the lyrics to. Maybe practice


One of the best things to reconnect is to cuddle. Make the bed, light some candles, find a relaxation station

Art Museum

History is fascinating. While at art museums you will be able to submerge yourself into other cultures throughout the ages

Art Gallery

Most cities have several art galleries. Explore the different styles of art and share what you get out of each

A Penny and a Die

Put a penny and a die in a small clear container that you leave in the car. Heads, you turn

54 Cards of Love

Fill an entire deck of cards with things you love about your partner, memories you are fond of, or any