Category: At the Beach

Sand Castle

Are you at the beach! Yay! Time to collect shells, sticks, and any other fun things to help you build

Rock Towers

Are you around any rocks? Why not build mini rock towers out of them together. Make some cool artistic rock


There are lots of places to rent surfing gear at beach fronts. Maybe take a short class together and get

Scuba Dive

Time to dip below the water’s surface and check out the life below. What kind of fish do you see?


Is it hot? Like to swim? Find a swimming pool, lake or ocean to go play in. Splash around, play

Fly Kite

If you are near a windy area such as the beach, it’s a good time to pull out the kites.

Build Wood Structures on Beach

Are there a lot of down branches around? Logs? Work as a team to collect a bunch and see if

Nude Beach

There are several states that offer in remote locations the chance to wear nothing but your birthday suit. Although it

Collect Beach Glass

Bring a container to collect beach glass along a waterfront. It will be a fun scavenger hunt for the both

Bonfire at the Beach

Bring a blanket, some paper, matches and head to the beach. Here you can gather beach wood and put together