Category: Art Projects

Pop Up Book

Tell your love story through a cute little pop-up book. The fact that you put in all this effort will


There are several styles of poem writing, some rhyme, some don’t. Look up strategies to write out a poem and

Photograph Local Landmarks

Each city tends to have it’s local landmarks that super identifiable. You can either look up your city for ideas

Photograph Litter

If you two are out on a walk, stop and take pictures of the garbage you find on the ground.


Have you ever played around with pearler beads? Well they are these small little plastic beads that melt together with


There are several options here. You can attend a paint night together where you have an instructor teach you step

Paint Rocks

Grab some acrylic paints and some brushes and look around the yard for the perfect rock to paint. You may

Nesting Pots

Find three pots that progressively get smaller and smaller. In each one, fill them in a related theme and put

Mixed CD

Have a bunch of songs that make you think of your partner? Put together a mixed CD like they used

Make a Collage

Find or print a bunch of photos out of both of you together and glue them on a large sheet