Category: Art Projects

Garden Together

Nothing is sweeter than going outside and enjoying the fresh air, seeing the greenery and making a connection to the

54 Cards of Love

Fill an entire deck of cards with things you love about your partner, memories you are fond of, or any

Themed Gift Basket

What is your partner most passionate about? Movies, music, art, games, sports? Make them a gift basket filled with things


Can you write lyrics? Sing? Make them a song that speaks to them on a heartwarming personal level. Can’t do

Signed Cards

How social are you? I have gone out on holidays downtown and carried a deck of cards and a sharpie

Sidewalk Chalk

Go pick up some sidewalk chalk at the local store and go out at night and draw outlines of shadows

Scrap Book

Have you held onto any ticket stubs or love letters from your partner? Put it all together in a scrap

Sand Castle

Are you at the beach! Yay! Time to collect shells, sticks, and any other fun things to help you build

Rock Towers

Are you around any rocks? Why not build mini rock towers out of them together. Make some cool artistic rock


Are you far away from your loved one or going on a road trip? Why not send them a post