Category: Activities

Art Gallery

Most cities have several art galleries. Explore the different styles of art and share what you get out of each

Amusement Park

Nothing is more fun than going on a bazillion rides together. Go and be a kid again together and dare


Find an arcade in your area and compete against each other in multiplayer games like racing or first person shooters.

A Penny and a Die

Put a penny and a die in a small clear container that you leave in the car. Heads, you turn

Paddle Boat

Although these are one of the slowest ways to get around on a little lake, there is still adventure and

Waterfall Hunt

There are tons of rivers that have waterfalls to seek out. A quick search online will help direct you to

Unique Towns

All over you can find towns that have their own authentic appeal. It can range from cultural towns such as

Underground Tours

Portland, OR has a hidden underground tunnel system where people used to be shanghaied aka The Shanghai Tunnels. They offer

Under the Ocean

This one is actually an adorable indoor date night that you can plan with your partner. Supplies: Bubble machine White


This one works best if you already have a trampoline, but maybe you can borrow a friend’s. At night after